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Keiser University’s Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies provides a comprehensive curriculum that allows broad exposure to multiple disciplines.  This major provides a practical alternative for baccalaureate degree-seeking students whose needs cannot be met by individual majors.  Students can design a course of study that meets their personal academic objectives and furthers their professional growth and development by combining two or more disciplines into a coherent program.  The degree will combine general education courses with an interdisciplinary concentration, electives and a capstone course.  The proposed coursework is subject to approval by the dean of academic affairs.

Program Objective

The following objectives are designed to meet Keiser University’s mission and its goals.  Upon completion of the program, students will:

  • Articulate the integration of two disciplines into a unified degree program
  • Utilize skills of interdisciplinary scholarship and research to integrate multiple perspectives
  • Articulate critically the fundamental theories and principles underlying each discipline
  • Apply the knowledge and skills acquired through the program in pursuit of career

Prerequisite for Major Courses: None

Program Outline
The curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies consists of 120.0 semester credit hours.

Lower Division General Education Courses (36.0 semester credit hours)
Credit hours in parentheses indicate the required number of credit hours in each discipline

Upper Division Interdisciplinary Concentration (30.0 semester credit hours)
A selection of 15 credit hours in a minimum of two disciplines from the following Eligible Disciplines list is required (other disciplines may be added by the University).  See Keiser University Catalog Program Outlines for Upper Division courses in each discipline.  The selection of courses is subject to approval by the dean of academic affairs.

Eligible Disciplines: Accounting, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, General Studies*, Health Science, Health Services Administration, Homeland Security, Information Technology Management, Legal Studies, Management Information Systems.

*General Studies Courses (45 credit hours)

Health Psychology

3.0 credit hours
Money and Banking 3.0 credit hours
Writing for Managers 3.0 credit hours
Research Writing 3.0 credit hours
Critical Thinking 3.0 credit hours
Industrial Psychology 3.0 credit hours
Research and Statistical Analysis  3.0credit hours
Sociology of the Urban Community  3.0 credit hours

Open Electives
(51.0 semester credit hours)
27.0 semester credit hours must be Upper Division courses selected from the Eligible Disciplines.

Capstone Course (3.0 semester credit hours)

Interdisciplinary Capstone Experience 3.0 credit hours

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