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Bachelor of Science Degree Major: Public Safety Administration
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Program Description
The Bachelor of Science degree in Public SafetyAdministration will offer a combination of public administration and management courses that focus on public policy issues ranging from budget development to grant writing and property management, administrative law, social policy and event response.  The program will provide a comprehensive curriculum that will allow students with existing associate degrees in approved related fields to complete their baccalaureate degree and pursue career advancement.  Graduates will be prepared to meet the demand for well-educated administrators in fire departments, emergency medical service agencies, police and sheriff’s departments and other governmental bureaus nationally.

Program Objectives
The following objectives are designed to meet Keiser University’s mission and its objectives:
  • Develop an understanding of public administration management within the context of public safety departments
  • Acquire skills in personnel management, grant writing, administrative law, property management and public relations in order to effectively supervise departments and work with the community
  • Develop an understanding of intergovernmental relations, how government all levels–local, state, and national–must work together to provide public safety and social services effectively
  • Develop emergency plans for catastrophic events to ensure public safety and the effective operation of their departments

Prerequisite for Upper Division Major Courses

  • Graduation from an accredited associate degree program in an approved field:
    • Fire Science
    • Paramedical Science
    • Crime Scene Technology
    • Criminal Justice
    • Homeland Security
    • Paralegal Studies
  • The following lower division courses must be successfully completed before beginning upper division major courses (Course equivalency is established by the dean of academic affairs from official transcripts received from regionally accredited institutions):

    ENC2102 English Composition II

    STA2023 Statistics

    MAC2105 College Algebra or

    MGF2106 College Mathematics

    POS1041 Political Science

    PSY1012 Psychology

Program Outline
To receive a Bachelor of Science degree in PublicSafety Administration, students must earn 60.0 upper division semester credit hours consisting of 54.0 credits in upper division major courses and 6.0 credits in upper division general education courses with prerequisites as listed below. A total of 120.0 semester credit hours are required for the degree. Program requirements are as follows:

Public Safety Administration Upper Division Courses (54.0 credit hours)

Public Policy

4.0 credit hours
Foundations of Public Safety Administration  4.0 credit hours
Public Finance 4.0 credit hours
Administrative Law 4.0 credit hours
Hazard Mitigation 4.0 credit hours
Public Sector Labor Relations 4.0 credit hours
Grant and Contract Management  4.0credit hours
Public Relations  4.0 credit hours
Hazard Mitigation 4.0 credit hours
Information Resources Management in the Public Sector 3.0 credit hours
Special Topics: Practical Problems in Mathematics for Emergency Services 3.0credit hours
Intergovernmental Relations 3.0 credit hours
Urban Government Social Policy 4.0 credit hours
Conflict Resolution 3.0 credit hours
Concepts and Techniques in Organizational Behavior 3.0credit hours
Facilities and Property Management 3.0 credit hours
Business Ethics 3.0 credit hours
Catastrophic Event Response Planning 3.0 credit hours
Critical Infrastructure Protection 3.0 credit hours
* Courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better

Upper Division General Education Courses (6.0 credit hours)

Writing for Managers 3.0 credit hours
Workforce Diversity 3.0 credit hours



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