Creating a budget, starting an emergency savings fund, building savings for retirement, improving your credit, paying off debt, paying down or paying off student loans.  Learning more information and building on these concepts is always important.  As it is said, ‘Knowledge is Power!’ and the same relates to money! 

April is National Financial Literacy Month so take some time this month to revisit your financial goals and start creating a game plan to achieve those goals!  The reading list attached was prepared by KU Daytona Beach Librarian, Diane Scot and contains materials available through the Keiser and Everglades libraries.  Geoff Stam, Director of Default Management and Financial Literacy with the Office of the Chancellor, will be providing budgeting and credit information presentations at the following KU campuses during the month of April:

KU Tampa April 7th

KU Tallahassee April 13, 14, 15th

Check with your Student Services Director on the times and locations for each campus.

Geoff Stam Financial Planning March 2015