Five  College of Golf & Sport Management (COGSM) students provided golf instruction to St. Lucie County Adult Day Care Special Olympians at the PGA Center for Golf Learning and Performance in an introductory session on Friday. Eight Special Olympics athletes were taught putting and chipping skills by five COGSM student volunteers (Kirk Brooks, Doug Marshall, Taylor Hall, Blake Testerman, and James Lowe). This was the first exposure to golf for the Special Olympians, and they all had a great time and learning experience. A training session will be scheduled every other week, and the skill sets will encompass Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Iron Shots, and Wood Shots. Local Special Olympics Program Director Liza Skinner had nothing but praise for the session and stated that she and the athletes are looking forward to the next visit. COGSM has been involved with the local Special Olympics program for almost five years and has seen State, National, and International Medal winners come from the local golf program.

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