The West Palm Beach Campus Computer Graphics and Design class joined Elizabeth Houlihan, Director of Student Services, for an employer visit to Baron Sign Manufacturing.   Sandie Folan, CEO, gave them a comprehensive tour of the facility and they had an opportunity to talk to the graphics department and see some of the work they are doing.  One of Baron’s projects pictured here is for Keiser University.

Don Voelker, Computer Graphics and Design Faculty said, “The enthusiasm of Ms. Folan was fantastic. I loved the vibe throughout the entire tour.  We could really relate to how Baron Sign originated:  “Started in a Garage, and look at them now!” This has a strong sense of empowerment and possibility!  Baron Sign – being an established company at this point; I found it fascinating to hear Ms. Folan talk about their need for self-promotion and marketing through social media, and how they know they are losing business without it.  This served our student well – as this term at Keiser University is just that – Marketing and Self-Promotion; which not only illustrated the necessity of social media as a way to market oneself, but as an actual job position.”

Ms. Folan will soon be ready to hire a social media professional along with other positions and they will be posted on the online career center,

baron sign manufacturing July 2015 (1) baron sign manufacturing July 2015 (2)