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Keiser University’s Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Studies trains students for careers in law and law-related fields (business, government and criminal justice) and also prepares students to pursue a law degree.  Students learn the necessary information and skills for successful integration into a law office atmosphere.  They also learn the ways in which the law impacts most professional fields.
Program Objective

The following goals are designed to meet Keiser University’s mission and objectives.
  • Students will develop legal research skills
  • Students will develop legal drafting skills
  • Students will be able to understand and analyze substantive law
  • Students are able to advance litigation case files
  • Students will understand various methods of dispute resolution

Prerequisite for Major Courses: None

Program Outline
To receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Studies, students must earn 120.0 credit hours.  Program requirements are as follows.

Lower Division Legal Studies Major Courses (24.0 credit hours)

  • Legal Research and Writing I: 3.0 credit hours
  • Criminal Law: 3.0 credit hours
  • Contracts: 3.0 credit hours
  • Will, Trusts and Estates: 3.0 credit hours
  • Civil Litigation: 3.0 credit hours
  • Torts: 3.0 credit hours
  • Real Property: 3.0 credit hours
  • Family Law: 3.0 credit hours

Upper Division Legal Studies Major Courses (48.0 credit hours)
Credit hours in parentheses indicate the required number of credit hours in each discipline.

  • Legal Drafting: 3.0 credit hours
  • Legal Research and Writing II: 3.0 credit hours
  • Criminal Procedures: 3.0 credit hours
  • Business Organization: 3.0 credit hours
  • Bankruptcy Law: 3.0 credit hours
  • Income Tax: 3.0 credit hours
  • Ethics: 3.0 credit hours
  • Legal Interviewing and Investigation: 3.0 credit hours
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: 3.0 credit hours
  • Evidence: 3.0 credit hours
  • Intellectual Property: 3.0 credit hours
  • Administrative Law: 3.0 credit hours
  • Law Office Management and Technology: 3.0 credit hours
  • Immigration Law: 3.0 credit hours
  • Constitutional Law: 3.0 credit hours
  • Legal Studies Capstone Project: 3.0 credit hours
Upper and Lower Division General Education Courses (48.0 credit hours) (pdf file)
To view the PDF file you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download a free copy of this software click here or go to the Adobe website at

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