Drew Brownlow, PTA Graduate from KU Lakeland

My name is Drew Brownlow and I am a graduate of the Physical Therapy Assistant program. KU is different from other universities because they offer accelerated courses which gets you out and working faster. They don’t slack on getting you the knowledge that you need. It’s very personal with the small class sizes and they are scheduled on class per month. This is great because it lets you focus on one thing at a time. It’s a lot of material but in the end it’s worth it. Although they get you working quickly, you are very prepared for the field you are entering.

I have and will continue to recommend people to KU. People who are stuck on waiting lists or are tired of what they’re doing, I refer them to KU. I assure them that they’re going to get the attention and knowledge they deserve and need to be successful in what they want to do. It’s very directed towards you. You’re not going to get in a classroom with 130 people in an auditorium where the professor won’t even know who you are. You will build connections and relationships with your professors and classmates. You won’t be in competition with your classmates to get something done.

KU has been more than I expected it to be. I knew my program was accelerated and they were small classes but it’s so thorough and well planned out than I ever imagined it to be. Going out to clinicals, you get nervous because it’s your first time in the real field but once you’re there you realize you are well prepared and sometimes have more knowledge than the person you’re working with! I am extremely happy I decided to come to this university.