Joe Armand and Andrew Palacio, both graduates of the class of 2011, stopped by to talk about their KU experience and their careers in culinary. Joe is the Sous Chef at Naticook Fish and Grill in Litchfield, New Hampshire as well as owner and Founder of Cheffin ain’t easy.   Andrew is a Sous Chef at the Green Turtle Market, in Melbourne.

Joe explained how the idea for Cheffin ain’t easy was born in the kitchens at Keiser. The company buys locally in New Hampshire, uses recyclables in production of products and their packaging, and promotes pride in the Kitchen worker. Additionally, 5% of sales from the company go to No Kid Hungry.

Joe and Andrew were wearing one of the newest items, a “Chasing the Dream” t-shirt.  The two chefs were gracious with their time and the students were all given a t-shirt.