After sharing delectable family recipes with fellow Bahamas islanders since 2013, Laron Culmer and his family are now introducing the Caribbean fare to South Floridians. Having joined other establishments at The Lincoln Eatery in South Beach, Miami the Nassau natives are unveiling their C Food Shack cuisine to international food lovers.


With the “C” appropriately standing for the family name, Culmer thanks his mother, father, and wife who have all contributed toward growing the effort which ensures family recipes will be enjoyed for years to come. Thanks to the mystery marinades and classified concoctions designed to tantalize the taste buds, the take-out business is flourishing, and lovers of Caribbean and south Floridian flavors are coming back for more.


The vision of opening the restaurant began decades ago when Culmer enhanced the business management foundation he’d gained as a student at Bluefield College in Virginia by enrolling in the Keiser University Melbourne campus’ Culinary Arts program.  There, he gained insights from Chef James McGuinness while also enjoying time in the culinary lab and participating in an externship at a local eatery.


“I fell in love with the craft at my first job as a broil side line cook at Applebee’s my senior year in college,” said Culmer who credits Chef James McGuinness and others for recognizing his drive and helping him to reach for the stars and hopes to become a leader in the area of the tropical cuisine. “Now that we are back in America, I am excited to introduce flavor that is new and familiar all at the same time. Hence my style is called ‘Floribbean,’” he smiled.


Those who visit C Food Shack will enjoy sampling breaded items marinated in the top-secret classified citrus-chili concoction while also enjoying a variety of entrees, appetizers, and desserts along with tantalizing sauces including mango vinaigrette, Junkanoo, guava ketchup, and more.


“It’s hugely satisfying to see former students realize the dreams they envisioned when they enrolled in our culinary program. Laron was such a passionate, driven, and creative student, it’s no surprise he’s come so far.” Dean McGuinness said. “South Floridians are in for a real treat.”


The Keiser University Associate of Science degree in Culinary Arts presents a comprehensive curriculum that includes laboratory sessions, academic preparation, and hands-on experience. Students acquire professional knowledge of food, its preparation and handling, and cooking from basic to advanced. The curriculum includes an externship to prepare students for an entry-level position in the food service industry.