Lane Bell, a current Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology student, was the cystic fibrosis raffle winner of a night of sharking with local shark fishing team, “Shark Hookers” in Fort Myers.  They teamed up to successfully catch, tag, and release a healthy sandbar shark that measured out to 6’2″ long.  The tag will help the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) track the migration pattern and growth rate of these amazing predators that are truly in need of our conservation and protection efforts.  By closely monitoring the shark’s stress-tolerance and energy-exertion throughout the quick de-hooking, measuring and tagging process, Lane and Shark Hookers were able to prevent any damage to the health of the animal before promptly releasing it back into the water.  This was a major win for Lane, Shark Hookers, and the overall goal of saving the existence of these prehistoric creatures.