Keiser University’s Flagship campus recently celebrated international history while also highlighting its Study Abroad Program. Moderated by professor Glenn Swift, the Ted Talk style event included a variety of timely topics including:


  • The History of Oxford in Twenty-Five Objects – By Dr. Paul Sinclair, Director of Academic Programmes at St. Clare’s College, Oxford
  • Beyond Brexit: The Future of the United Kingdom – By John Browne, Former Member of Parliament for Winchester, England
  • The Challenges of Climate Change – By Stan Bronson, Chief Visionary Officer of the Global Center for Climate Resilience
  • Dialogues in Democracy – By John Hart, President of Hart Consulting Group


Followed by a Tea and Scone Reception,  the affair was designed to provide Keiser University students, faculty, staff and friends the opportunity to gain insights from international leaders relating to a wide range of topics with an emphasis on issues of regional, national and global significance.