When not concentrating her efforts toward instructing Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) students, Keiser University Daytona Beach campus instructor Laura Nash is leading an effort to sew surgical masks for clinical coordinators and healthcare workers throughout the country.


A 2015 alumna of Keiser’s Daytona Beach campus, Nash considers herself fortunate to now serve as an instructor at her alma mater. “I’ve always enjoyed talking to people and explaining how ultrasound works. As a student I was fortunate to gain first-hand experience relating to Keiser University’s curriculum and training flow and the overall goals and quality of the program so when I saw the job posting for the position of DMS Instructor, it just clicked,” reflected the Wilmington, Illinois native.


It wasn’t long before Nash, who also enjoys sewing as a hobby and side business saw that surgical masks were becoming a popular item in her online group. “After learning about professionals who had to reuse masks, or worse, had no masks at all,  I opened up a thread on my social media business page, and immediately received many requests. Our Keiser University X-Ray Clinician and our local hospital then asked for masks. With the help of Keiser University colleagues Marianne Peiffer, Gloria Wyatt, and Christina Stephenson and a donation of elastic from some of the mom’s groups I follow, we’ve so far been able to fill close to 200 orders. It’s amazing to see our community come together to fill such an important need. This is a group effort for sure,” she said.

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