Luciano Batista, a doctoral student of Keiser University’s eCampus Latin Division recently organized a food drive, and also produced and distributed masks to those in his hometown of Lowell, Massachusetts.


Along with fellow church members, the Educational Leadership major was able to provide over 40 families with groceries, and also teamed with family members to sew over 300 masks for area healthcare providers. “I consider it a privilege to participate in various community projects. As Jesus taught us the importance of servant leadership, we are reminded that each one of us must do our part, as together we are stronger,” he said.


When asked what he’d recommend to others who would like to make a difference, Batista said, “In these moments of crisis, many things that we consider important seem to lose their value. That is why it’s important to seize opportunities to unite and to help the world be a better place.”


Keiser University’s Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership degree prepares reflective scholars and capable professionals who apply theory, method, and research to dynamically improve schools under their leadership and, ultimately, the communities they serve. The program fosters lifelong learning and values leadership, ethical and informed decision-making, diversity, assessment, program evaluation, effective communication, and technology.


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