Keiser University’s West Palm Beach campus recently unveiled a cutting-edge teaching tool at its College of Chiropractic Medicine that will better train students and help refine the treatment of patients with back pain.


Students and faculty gathered to showcase the Cox8 Flexion Distraction Compression table, a state-of-the-art force table designed to address spinal concerns from neck to lower back.


A gift to the college from Dr. Ralph Kruse and Haven Innovation, the hi-tech table is the first of its kind and the only one currently used for training in a U.S. university. He believes the machine’s ability to measure and record pressure with computer software will be a valuable educational tool for students to ensure they administer appropriate force during chiropractic manipulation procedures.


“It gives us the ability to measure everything that the students do in their training,” said Dr. Kruse. “So for educational purposes, we can show students what we expect them to be doing and then measure how they perform throughout their training.”


It’s a unique tool that marries the science of biomechanics and engineering with the art of spinal manipulation,” said Dr. Michael Wiles, dean of the college of chiropractic medicine at Keiser. “We are excited about the future and feel that this kind of technology, and the research we’ll do with it, can have an impact on chiropractic education and therefore, the care that our students will later provide for their patients.”


Keiser faculty members will be undertaking several research projects using the new technology. They’ll be focusing on treatment of lower back pain using data gathered by the computer system embedded in the Cox8 Force Table.


“We are extremely excited to have this advanced table made specifically for Keiser University’s College of Chiropractic Medicine students and faculty to assist in training future doctors of chiropractic. The table is amazing, and its new control system is nothing short of incredible,” said Kimberly Lea, president of Keiser University’s West Palm Beach location.

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