Keiser University’s Esports Team is now streaming live, thanks to the leadership of Coach Ross Adams. The initiative kicked-off with the introduction of professional esports league Call of  Duty and Valorant series.


To play with a Keiser University Esports Team member on the stream please:

  • Follow @KeiserEsports on Instagram and join our Discord through the link in the Bio
  • In the “Looking-to-play” section in Discord provide your game information (Gamertag, ID, PSN) and request to play
  • Follow @KeiserEsports on Twitch and get invited!


Designed to serve as the home for the varsity program for matches and practices, and as a gaming hub, the Keiser University Flagship campus Esports Facility features over 20 gaming desktops with intel core i7 processors, GeForce RTX 2060 graphic cards, and dedicated internet lines for swift, uninterrupted gameplay. To learn more, please contact Coach Ross Adams at [email protected]


Esports Coach Ross Adams - Keiser University's Esports Team Streams Live