Car after car lined the parking lot of Keiser University’s Orlando campus. One by one, drivers pulled up, opened their trunks and volunteers handed bag after bag to families in need.

The University teamed up with local businesses Humana, Gold Star Title & Escrow and Mikasa Financial Services to hold a first-come, first-serve, no-contact drive-thru food distribution. Humana provided the groceries. Community volunteers placed a bag filled with fresh produce, canned food and bread in each car.

Dennis Ferraro, Keiser University student services director, was one of the volunteers. “There’s a particular need right now and it’s nice that Keiser could be part of the solution,” Ferraro said.

Cars waited in line more than an hour before the event. “There has been an increased demand for food at this time and people have been struggling,” Ferraro said.

Ferraro was struck to see elderly passengers and children inside vehicles. A few people also rode bikes or walked up to receive food. At a time when so many people are staying at home, the community banded together.

“It feels good to work together to help those who may have lost their jobs or maybe lost their businesses. We are so blessed to be able to continue to do what we are doing at Keiser University.”

Volunteers fed 150 families within an hour and a half and sent 50 additional bags to nearby grade schools. Families left the campus parking lot not only with groceries, but also with hope.

“They were very appreciative. We were waving them on to go, but they were stopping. They wanted to wave and thank everybody,” Ferraro said.

Local businesses plan to have another drive-thru food distribution at a nearby location in early June 2020.


Fdo 3 - Keiser University’s Orlando Campus Distributes Hope During Health Crisis - Seahawk Nation  volunteers wearing masks at drive-thru food distribution event