PT Plank Challenge and other PTA campuses will also participate – In response to other Keiser PTA programs  PTPlank Challenge, class 39 exhibits how Physical  Therapist Assistants need to be in tip top shape and  advocates for our field. Keep Planking and Age Well!

National PT month:  Student Physical Therapist Assistants performed  a Free Postural Assessment for the  Keiser Fort Lauderdale Family of Students, Faculty , Staff and Administrators. Those who participated received a free Proper Ergonomic Workstation handout.  Health issues addressed were muscle stiffness or overuse, muscular instabilities, pain related to posture or spine malalignment or chronic pain- low back, neck  and shoulders.

Keiser Clinic:   The campus had their third cohort perform: The Physical Therapist Assistant Program students participated in a simulated “Keiser Clinic”.   The cohort of students taking the Medical Disease course used their knowledge of pathologies learned to act out signs and symptoms seen in patients with common medical conditions.  The cohort of students taking the Functional Modalities course reviewed the patient charts and then treated them in the “Keiser Clinic”.    Students in the Functional Modalities course utilized physical therapy interventions learned in previous classes and integrated the new treatments learned in the current class to perform different aspects of patient care including gait training, body mechanics, and modalities such as moist hot packs, cryotherapy, ultrasound, traction and electrical stimulation.  Under the supervision of faculty, students were able to perform interventions confidently, in addition to treating more than one patient at a time to give them a true sense of the outpatient clinic.

PTA training Nov. 2015