The most recent class of high school graduates who have now started at the Fort Myers campus showed off their Seahawk Spirit during our fall orientation. They were challenged to a t-shirt battle with the task of designing their very own Seahawk t-shirt from the standard white KU t-shirt.  When orientation day arrived, the new Seahawks did not disappoint. Contestants were judged on three categories: most creative, best major, and most seahawk spirit.  Our winners were:

Tee Shirt Battle - Most Seahawk Spirit 1 Tee Shirt Battle - Most Seahawk Spirit 2Tania Pujols – Most Seahawk Spirit (Tania recreated the crest and seahawk with sharpies)

Tee Shirt Battle - Most Creative 1 Tee Shirt Battle - Most Creative 2Denise Moreno – Most Creative  (The hands on Denise’s back show the level of support and encouragement needed to be successful)

Tee Shirt Battle - Best MajorMadelayne Sosa – Best Major (Diagnostic Medical Sonography Major — those are her daughter’s ultrasounds on her shirt)