Four (science experiment) bodies were found in the parking lot of the Keiser University Daytona Beach campus’s parking lot. “Mickey,” “Minnie,” “Tom Cruise,” and “Gus-Gus” were found in various states and the Keiser University Forensic Biology students were on the case.

Okay, let’s back up a bit before this creative journalism becomes a bit too misleading. During the month of March, Ms. Darlene Falvey’s Forensic Biology students conducted the “Stages of Decomposition/Forensic Entomology Lab,” an experiment similar to the body farm, a research facility where scientists can study human composition. The class set out with four deceased lab rats and determined a variety of conditions for their deaths in order to study the decomposition process over the span of several days. This type of experiment has application in a number of fields, but for these students it was the application toward law enforcement and forensic science that was of chief concern. When law enforcement officials are trying to solve a case, the state of decay in which a body is in is a key clue to the investigation.

This experiment is one of the many conducted during Ms. Falvey’s Forensic Biology class that was aimed at giving these Keiser University students a very up-close and hands-on experience in their future profession.

 Forensic biology decomp April 2015 (3) Forensic biology decomp April 2015 (1)