-by Rachel Sures, Student, SDA member, Pembroke Pines

The members of the Student Dietetic Association (SDA) at the Pembroke Pines campus are committed to ensuring that people around the world receive proper nutrition for healthier, happier lives.

On February 6th, a group of SDA members joined forces with Feed My Starving Children to help provide nourishing, life-sustaining food to starving people around the globe.  Feed My Starving Children brings together large groups of volunteers to prepare food called “manna packets” for shipment to villages in need.  So far the program has served almost 70 countries.  Letting our passion for nutrition inspire us to give back to the community is exactly what the SDA is all about!

The six SDA members and two professors in attendance worked as a team alongside other volunteers to form an assembly line.  We filled empty manna packets with rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables, and flavored vitamins and minerals. Next, the packets were sealed, boxed, and prepared for shipment. All of the volunteers were proud at the end of the day after learning that we prepared enough food to supply 95 children for one year. The food we prepared will provide nourishment for so many, the work we did as a community will provide nourishment for our hearts.