Get to know your KU Alumni network, we are everywhere.

After graduating with my MBA from the KU eCampus I felt a little lost. Having attended a public state university for my undergraduate degree and lived on campus for the majority of those years, I had developed an emotional and professional connection to the people and university. Now having completed a degree from a distance, how was I going to make this same connection?  The solution came in the form of the Alumni Association.  I had forgotten that I was not alone and that while we may graduate from different campuses, we are all part of the KU family.

While still in its early stages, it has connected me with my local KU campus and other KU graduates in my area. I can link with my eCampus Alumni Association which joins those of us who are further away or with my local chapter for those graduates closer to a campus. Although I did not graduate from my local KU campus, I know that I can always reach out to the campus closest to me to reconnect with my network and my KU family.  So whether you are in Tallahassee, Florida, or San Marcos, Nicaragua, reach out to a campus and see how you can connect with other KU students and alumni in your area.


-By Angela Shore, Business Administration KU Graduate, eCampus