Q: Name?

A: Leo Diaz

Q: What degree are you earning?

A: Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance

Q: Why did you choose it?

A: I have always been good at math and have always had in interest in the Financial Markets and Global Economics. I felt this degree and concentration would give me the tools to excel in a career within the financial industry.

Q: Are you involved in any student organizations? If so, which ones?

A: I am involved in the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Sigma Beta Delta Honors Society.

Q: Share a little about your involvement with SGA. What made you join and what have been some of your more positive experiences?

A: I joined SGA to have an avenue where I could affect student culture and do something more than just walk-in and walk-out with my degree. So many students are caught up on the goal of graduation that they are not really enjoying the journey. I felt that as President of the SGA I could work closely with faculty and the student body to make great experiences and memories for myself and my classmates. Some of the more positive experiences have been with the administration staff and faculty. It was really eye-opening to see how invested to the students the faculty and staff has been.

Q: Do you feel your overall experience at KeiserU will help you in your new career?

A: I truly believe that my overall experience at KeiserU will help me in my career. The curriculum is only part of the education. Working alongside my classmates has given me great knowledge as well as forged a network of friendships that can be very influential in my career for years to come.

Q: What accomplishment are you most proud of during your time at KeiserU?

A: I am very proud of the fact that I have not let full time employment stop me from achieving my goal of a college education. I have had to learn how to balance work and personal life with school to reach for this goal and in the process gained experiences that will last me a lifetime beyond my career.

Q: What else would you like to share with your fellow KeiserU students?

A: I would like to remind all the students at KeiserU that the journey is as important as the destination. Do not let these years pass by without creating memories and friendships. Our college culture is important and it takes all of us to participate and contribute where we can. Take the time to participate in events with SGA and your fellow students; it is those memories that will make your smile even larger when you walk across the stage at graduation.

Keiser University Pembroke Pines SGA Officers:

  • Leo Diaz, President
  • Jessica Herrera, Vice President
  • Alex Flynn, Treasurer
  • Stephany Dufaui, Secretary
  • Jimmy Romero, Events Coordinator
  • Allysa Elise Pariente, Social Media Coordinator
  • Patricia Garcia, Student Ambassador

Leo Diaz & SGA members March 2016 (2)