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Financial Crime Investigation, BA

Keiser University

This program is available in the following Florida campuses:

Fort Lauderdale Campus

Keiser University’s Bachelor of Arts degree in Financial Crime Investigation (FCI) provides students with competencies in the areas of computer information analysis, criminal justice, and accounting. The program provides students with the necessary skills to investigate financial criminal activity through the analysis of financial records, proper collection and documentation of information, and interpretation of the evidentiary value of the information gathered.

Program Objectives

The following objectives are designed to meet Keiser University’s mission and its goals:

  • To provide students with the knowledge and critical thinking skills applicable to the field of financial fraud detection and examination;
  • To provide students with the skills to properly communicate their evaluation of evidence gathered during their investigation of various financial crimes to law enforcement agencies and in court proceedings;
  • To provide students with credits towards the opportunity to sit for the examination for the status of Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).  The examination is given by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiner.

Prerequisites for Major Courses

  • ACG1001 is a prerequisite for ACG2011
  • ACG2011 is a prerequisite for FIN2001
  • ACG4101 is a prerequisite for ACG4111
  • ACG4111 is a prerequisite for ACG4342 & ACG4651
  • ACG4651 is a prerequisite for ACG4671
  • ACG4671 is a prerequisite for ACG4401 & ACG4682
  • CET1171C is a prerequisite for CET1172C

Program Outline

To receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in Financial Crime Investigation, students must earn 120.0 credit hours. Program requirements are as follows:

Lower Division Courses

Lower Division Financial Crime Investigations Major Courses (24.0 credit hours)
Accounting Principles I 3.0 credit hours
Accounting Principles II 3.0 credit hours
Business Law 3.0 credit hours
Service/Support PC Systems I 3.0 credit hours
Service/Support PC Systems II 3.0 credit hours
Communication and Writing for Criminal Justice Professionals 3.0 credit hours
Criminal Investigations 3.0 credit hours
Financial Management 3.0 credit hours
Behavioral/Social Science (3.0 credit hours)
American History Pre 1877 3.0 credit hours
American History Post 1876 3.0 credit hours
Political Science 3.0 credit hours
Introduction to Psychology 3.0 credit hours
Sociology 3.0 credit hours
Communications (3.0 credit hours)
Speech 3.0 credit hours
Computers (3.0 credit hours)
Introduction to Computers 3.0 credit hours
Economics (6.0 credit hours)
Microeconomics 3.0 credit hours
Macroeconomics 3.0 credit hours
English (6.0 credit hours)
English Composition I 3.0 credit hours
English Composition II 3.0 credit hours
Humanities/Fine Arts (3.0 credit hours)
American Literature 3.0 credit hours
English Literature 3.0 credit hours
Mathematics (6.0 credit hours)
College Algebra 3.0 credit hours
College Mathematics 3.0 credit hours
Applications of Mathematics 3.0 credit hours
Statistics (required) 3.0 credit hours
Natural Science (6.0 credit hours)
General Biology 3.0 credit hours
General Biology Laboratory 3.0 credit hours
Advanced Biology 3.0 credit hours
Advanced Biology Laboratory 3.0 credit hours
Environmental Science 3.0 credit hours

* Must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher for Gordon Rule credit.

Upper Division Courses

Upper Division Financial Crime Investigations Courses (45.0 credit hours)
Intermediate Accounting I 3.0 credit hours
Intermediate Accounting II 3.0 credit hours
Advanced Managerial Accounting 3.0 credit hours
Accounting Information Systems 3.0 credit hours
Auditing I 3.0 credit hours
Auditing II 3.0 credit hours
Fraud Examination 3.0 credit hours
Legal and Ethical Environments of Business 3.0 credit hours
Organized Crime 3.0 credit hours
White-Collar and Economic Crime 3.0 credit hours
Network Forensics 3.0 credit hours
Computer System Forensic Analysis 3.0 credit hours
Cyber Crimes 3.0 credit hours
Criminal Evidence and Procedures 3.0 credit hours
Database Management 3.0 credit hours
Upper Division General Education Courses (15.0 credit hours)
Management Information Systems 3.0 credit hours
Money and Banking 3.0 credit hours
Professional Writing 3.0 credit hours
Intermediate Statistics 3.0 credit hours
Elective 3.0 credit hours

Note: All lower division major and general education courses must be successfully completed before upper division courses are undertaken.

Program Outcomes

Left Quote My instructors believed in me. They were more than instructors, they tried to get to know you as a person and tried to understand your goals so they could push you towards them. Student services helped me find a job before I even graduated. Everyone was dedicated to my overall success. Right Quote

Jessica Kircher