Keiser University

Hospitality Management, BBA

Would you mind grabbing us a glass of ice water?

If you got up and brought back some water, thanks. You’re very kind. If you asked, “Crushed or cubed?” then returned with a glass, an accompanying pitcher of water, and fresh blueberry muffins, you’ve landed on the right page. Keiser’s Hospitality program is designed to harness your inner sense of hospitality and turn it into a personally satisfying and financially rewarding career.

Pursuing a career in “hospitality” has many meanings and the demand for leaders who understand how this multifaceted industry works is clear (since it’s the largest business activity in the world). So whether your dream is to manage a large hotel chain, lead a kitchen crew, plan major events, have an office that sails around the world on a cruise ship, or have your name on the front of your own Bed & Breakfast, you know you have a lot of options. Your passion for people combined with the business savvy you acquire from Keiser is the perfect recipe for success.


Take courses that double as industry certification including: