Keiser University’s Flagship Campus recently welcomed two groups consisting of over 200 Italian, Russian and Turkish students who enjoyed full and half day visits to the Kennedy Space Center, the Florida Everglades, Universal Studios, Miami’s Art District, the local beach, and more.

The visitors were from InterStudioviaggi, an international study program which provides participants with a series of events and excursions designed to highlight a country’s culture while familiarizing students with its language. “Having reached this business cooperation with Keiser University makes me really proud of all the hard work that has been done so far,” said Leonhard Lionello, the United States Operational Manager for the group. “Since 2013 we’ve sent more than 1000 students to the beautiful West Palm Beach campus and our onsite professional staff and the university’s personnel have made the visits successful. We look forward to many more enjoyable years of partnership,” he said.

“We’re always happy to showcase our 100-acre campus to guests and to serve as a resource for learning opportunities,” said Brandon Strassburger, Keiser University’s Director of Campus Activities. “Our students are provided the unique opportunity to serve as hosts, which allows for them to apply much of the knowledge they’ve learned in class,” he said.

Acacia Simms, a former student at the campus who graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business, was thankful for her educational experiences as she served as Assistant Director for the groups of 11-18 year-olds.

“While welcoming visitors from across the globe to campus, we realize that a great experience has a lot to do with cultural differences and how you approach them. When we’re open minded and understanding that there are some things that we do differently, we learn to embrace each other’s differences while not feeling out of place,” said Simms, a Nassau, Bahamas native. “We were delighted to learn that some of the students hope to return next year,” she added.

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