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Student Services



Career Resources

Career Placement - Once a student is enrolled at the Keiser University Center for Culinary Arts, he/she becomes eligible to make use of the placement services offered through the Office of Student Services. These services include: assistance with updating resumes, tips on interviewing skills, participation in bi-annual job fairs, on-campus recruiting, and access to weekly job postings.
Online Career Center - Post your resume online and search for jobs.

Part-Time Placement - The college maintains a placement service to assist current full-time students in finding part-time employment. The campus has a bulletin board highlighting all employment opportunities. International students must have the proper documentation to seek employment in the United States. Although the Keiser University Center for Culinary Arts provides employment placement assistance, it cannot promise or guarantee employment.

Career Development - Students have access to resources and assistance with resume preparation, interviewing skills, job search periodicals, employment leads through the online career center, various workshops to assist with student success, job fairs, and much more. Also, students are coached in appropriate dress and interviewing skills while attending the Keiser University Center for Culinary Arts and immediately prior to entering the externship portion of the curriculum.

Student ID Card - A Student ID card is issued to every new student during orientation. Student ID cards are used for many discounts on travel, movies, local restaurants, and much more!

Counseling - Counseling is available to all students for career and academic reasons. This counsel is sincere, friendly, and always confidential. The College maintains contacts with various community organizations and agencies to help meet the student's personal needs. Contact the Director of Student Services at your campus for additional information.

Housing - The College assists all students in finding local apartments and private rooms in close proximity to each campus. Students should request information on the local apartment and housing information from the Admissions department. The College campus is located in the respective community along major traffic arteries in such a way as to provide easy commuting for students.

Health Insurance - Student health insurance is available through an independent provider. Students can obtain health insurance information from the office of Student Services.

Graduation - Graduation ceremonies shall be held bi-annually and all students who satisfactorily complete their academic requirements prior to the established deadline are eligible to participate. In order to graduate from the Keiser University Center for Culinary Arts and participate in commencement exercises, students must meet with the Director of Student Services to request participation and to complete an exit interview packet prior to the start of the required externship portion of their degree.