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Go to, then click on Login, on the left side navigation bar. Make sure you type your USER ID and Password as it appears on the Orientation letter that you received from your campus. Pay close attention to lower or upper case letter(s) or dashes in between your social security number. Any little mistake can prevent you from getting into your course. 

If you forgot your Password and User ID, call the Help Desk at 1-877-345-9800 or email at They will email you your login information.

After You Login - Student Homepage

  1. Go to the Orientation Course link (for new students) to get familiar with the online class environment and terminology. This Orientation will help you understand how to navigate inside the online classroom.

  2. After you are done with Orientation, you can start your class. Click on the Course link.
  3. For information regarding the student services department, bookstore, library, and academic advisors click on the tabs at the top of your Student Homepage.

Student Homepage

Student Homepage


How do you find out which is your next class? About a week before your current class finishes, click on the sign next to the semester. When you click on that sign it will open the following semester with the name of your next class.


Inside the Online Classroom

  1. Make sure you read and print the Syllabus for future reference.

  2. Read about the instructor. Your instructor will have a brief bio and contact information.

  3. Make sure you have the correct text book according to the syllabus. If not, please contact the bookstore immediately at 1-800-749-4456 (ask for the online class text book) and make sure to email your instructor to let him/her know that you don't have the right book.

  4. Start your weekly assignments. The course will be broken down in four weeks, which is the length of the class. Start with Week 1, then Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4.

  5. Read the Announcements - the instructor may post messages for the class in the Announcements section.

  6. Enjoy your class!

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