Keiser University Tuition and Fee Disclosure
Addendum to Graduate School Enrollment Application


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Keiser University wishes to eliminate possible areas of misunderstanding before students begin class. This allows the University to devote future efforts to support our students’ education. At Keiser University tuition and fees are charged to the student by the semester.  Each semester is 16 weeks.  Keiser University students are not charged by the course or by credit hours.  University student tuition and fees are subject to annual review and modification.

Initial Fees
Application Fee  (one-time charge)                                                                                                             

 Registration Fee (one-time charge)                                                                                                            $145.00
Tuition Charge Per Semester  (Tuition is charged and payable on the first day of the class in the semester

Master Degree Program:   Full Time Status                                                                                               $8,836.00

Master of Science – Physician Assistant Degree Full Time Status                                                           $8,836.00

Doctoral Program – (PhD)                                                                                                                            $9,440.00
Doctoral Program – Dissertation                                                                                                                 $4,720.00

Tuition for Students less than full time:  tuition is charged based on a pro-rata calculation at the beginning of the semester.
Education Fee per Semester by degree

Master Degree Program:                                                                                                                              $600.00

Master of Science – Physician Assistant Degree                                                                                        $600.00

Doctoral Program – (PhD)                                                                                                                             $600.00

Other Fees

PANCE (Physician Assistant Certification Exam)                                                                                        $450.00
Residency (PhD) One week on campus training*                                                                                         $1,200.00
Withdrawal Fee                                                                                                                                               $100.00
Re-entry Fee                                                                                                                                                   $150.00

Degree programs with Majors that require a student kit, will be assessed a fee accordingly. 
Degree program Majors with certification testing will be assessed a fee accordingly.
Textbook prices are available on the student portal by course.
Students taking online courses who have the textbooks shipped will have shipping charges assessed to them.
Late Fee for students who have Cash Payments, the late fee charge is $5.00 per month for each month past due.

Keiser University reserves the right to make any change in tuition, fees, curriculum or any phase of its program where it is the opinion of the administration that the students or the university will benefit. Such changes may be made without further notice. Tuition is charged by the semester as stated above. An academic transcript will not be released if the student has a balance with the institution for any reason.

*One Semester = Two Graduate Terms (each term eight weeks) = Four Courses = 12 Credit hours

**One Graduate term = Eight Weeks = Two courses = 6 Credit hours


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