The Tampa campus had the pleasure of hosting Blayne Smith,  the Executive Director of Team Red, White and Blue, which is a National non-profit connecting veterans to their communities through physical and social activities . Blayne is a West Point graduate, military veteran and was a member of the Special Forces in Afghanistan. This was a joint venture between The Teachers Learning Center (TLC) and the Psychology Department and could not have happened without the help of Keiser University student, Eric Garcia, who is a member of this organization.

Blayne delivered a moving speech about being part of something bigger than oneself. This message resonated with all in attendance, not just the many veterans in the audience. This event was attended by about 100 students and faculty and the question and answer period following the presentation allowed the audience to learn more about the organization and how to get involved. The presentation was beneficial to the many Military Veterans who attend Keiser University by introducing them to an important community leader and voice for veterans across the nation.

Vet group Red White and Blue Feb. 2016 (2)