This week on ELSE we are featuring our very first poetry submissions to the site. Recently, our KU e-Campus hosted a poetry contest, where a call for poems was posted in all online English courses. Numerous submissions were received, but ultimately three winners emerged. This week, I will reveal to you KU’s 2015 National Poetry Contest winners, starting with third place:

Dyshum Terrell.jpg

Written By: Dyshum Terrell, Third Place Winner; General Studies Student @ KU e-Campus

Second Chance

Prison is the punishment that keeps on taking. Long after he has regretted what he has done, he cannot begin to function outside those four walls. His life is just wasting away. Society won’t let him back in because he is looked at as a menace. Yet all he longs for is a second chance. His mind ponders on what he should do: should he give up or keep pushing on. Those prison walls are all he sees every day, and it drives him insane. The guard smirks at him knowing the man is at defeat. He has given up, no longer can take the heartache, pain, and isolation. He takes to his bed, pulls the sheets, and places them around his neck. But then the light shines through bringing him hope and faith. He falls to his knees and thanks God for the silent relief. He look to the guard and says “you will not defeat me, for I will regain my strength and press on.” The day has come and he is released. For he is happy to see the outside world and vows that he will do better. He receives his second chance and society gladly accepts him. For he has many talents that are beneficial to his community. He cuts hair and work on cars. He is my brother.

Stay tuned for Friday when we feature the second place winner!
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