As part of a project to improve campus infrastructure, Keiser University’s Latin American site in Nicaragua recently unveiled its new Social Hub. The renovated area houses a coffee shop, bookstore, bank and convenience store. It also features a centralized terrace for cultural events such as concerts and poetry readings.

Keiser University Founder and Chancellor, Dr. Arthur Keiser joined Campus President Matthew Anderson, local dignitaries, business leaders, faculty, staff and students for the occasion.

“I feel extremely fortunate that we are here in San Marcos,” Dr. Keiser said. “When I walk on this campus, it feels like paradise. The weather is just spectacular. The students are incredible. Our dedicated faculty and staff make this such a special place.”

Donations of more than $320,000 (10 million Nicaraguan córdobas) from community members, local government and the private sector helped make the improvements that add to the college experience for students at the Keiser Latin American facility. The infrastructure renovation provides a more modern look to the campus entrance and enhances the city and the Carazo region. 

“This is our 40th anniversary and over the years, Keiser University has made a significant impact,” Dr. Keiser said.  “We are the second largest independent university in the state of Florida. We have 21 campuses throughout Florida; Shanghai, China; and now here in San Marcos.”