Alumni Spotlight Jason Shockey - Seahawk Nation

Attending Keiser University was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Going to college had been my dream since I was a boy. It wasn’t until I was almost 30 that my dream became a reality.

However, achieving my dream didn’t come without a sacrifice on my part. I put my business career on hold while I pursued my degree. I took jobs with less income that would allow me the freedom to concentrate on my school work and I gave up many Friday and Saturday nights out with friends. It was all worth it. Pursuing my degree filled in the gaps that I wasn’t even aware were there. It molded my mind in the best way to achieve my newly defined career goals and taught me that anything worth having required real effort and discipline.

I graduated in 2010 Magna Cum Claude with a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies concentrated on Business Administration and Human Resources.

I’m now the President of a local home-improvement marketing company, Founder of a worldwide charity called Tunes for Tots, and an Introduction Leader for a global training and development company called Landmark Education. I’m convinced that none of this would have been possible had I not taken the first step at Keiser University.

I would also like to acknowledge the administration, staff, and professors for all of their encouragement, direction, and support. To you, I am eternally grateful.

Jonathan Shockey, Keiser University Alumni

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