London Rotundo, 2016 Keiser University Alumnus


As Keiser University alumnus London Rotundo rolls up his sleeves as a Staff Assistant to U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, the 2016 graduate contemplates the educational path that led him to the role.


“While attending Keiser University, the small class size, and opportunities to learn governmental policies and practices provided me with the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to pursue my professional goals,” said Rotundo, who plans to earn his juris doctorate and become a congressional member within the next several years. “Professors like Dr. Richard Albarano, University Department Chair of Homeland Security and Ingrid Mariano, Associate Director of Student Services, dedicate themselves to the success of the students and have helped me both inside and outside of the classroom. I do not think that I would be sitting at the senator’s office today without their help and support.”


“London is dedicated, goal oriented and eager for any opportunity, and his passion for getting the most relevant and up-to-date information makes him what we call a life-long learner,” said Dr. Albarano. “We consider our students shareholders of the program and are pleased that the hands-on learning opportunities we offer provide the tools necessary to thrive within the professional world.”

“London is a hard worker, and very driven,” added Mariano.  “He is the definition of a born leader and destined to success.”


Also a member of InfraGard National Members Alliance, an organization that partners with the FBI and the private sector to provide risk analysis and assessments, Rotundo is grateful for the knowledge he acquired at Keiser University relating to risk mitigation, Homeland Security policy and law, crisis response procedures and counterterrorism methods.


“I will use the knowledge I’ve gained at Keiser University to continue to expand my understanding of government policy and grow my political following,” he said. “The courses taught by Dr. Richard Albarano directly relate to current discussions and issues within the federal government. This direct knowledge provides me the opportunity to continue working first hand on the major issues affecting the federal government and the American people.”


“There are going to be a lot of sleepless nights and tiring days, but that’s what it takes to become something larger than oneself,” Rotunda smiled.  “I look forward to the road ahead.”