Keiser University Chancellor Arthur Keiser Ph.D. and Vice Chancellor of International Affairs Mr. Zhanjun Yang visited City University of Macau (CityU) on October 27, 2015. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed by KU Chancellor Dr. Arthur Keiser and CityU Rector Dr. Shu Guang Zhang, a result of an early visit in July this year by Keiser University Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Dr. John Sites.

City University of Macau was founded in 1981. It was the first university offering formal education set up by Chinese in Macau in over 400 years since the Portuguese colonization.  An important regional comprehensive university, CityU upholds the motto of improving quality of students and insists upon “rooted in and serving Macau.” Over the past three decades, CityU has devoted to enhancing competitiveness of local youth and laying a solid foundation for their moving up to social ladder. Currently, CityU has over 8,000 enrolled full time students in its six colleges: Business Administration, International Tourism and management, Humanities and Social Science, Education, Continuing Education and Open Institute.

The two universities will jointly develop certificate programs in hospitality management, logistics, and languages (Spanish, Portuguese, and English). Faculty exchange programs and joint degree programs will also be developed and implemented in the spring of 2016.

“I’ve learned so much about Keiser University when I was in the States and while I was in Shanghai. Keiser University is very successful in focusing student’s success, and that is what CityU can learn from.” Stated by Rector Dr. Zhang, “CityU is in a very unique location, surrounding cities include Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Zhuhai, and Guangzhou, an area with GDP counted ¼ of China’s total GDP. There is an increased demand on cross-discipline and career focused programs. The region is historically China’s window to the world, and we hope to work with Keiser University to bringing in the expertise to help us develop programs to meet the economic growth.”

City University of Macau’s newly appointed Rector Dr. Zhang is an internationally renowned scholar in International Relations, Prior to joining CityU, Dr. Zhang has served as Associate Vice President of University of Maryland, Vice President of Shanghai International Relations University.

Dr. Keiser shared with Rector Dr. Zhang Keiser University’s international vision, and stated that this partnership will be a valuable addition to Keiser University’s international programs. “China has become a major player in the world; it is our honor to be a part of its development. Keiser University is experienced in international education and we are strategically positioned to work with you to make our partnership a tremendous success.”

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