Waleska Triana is a first year student in the Forensic Investigation program at KU, Tampa. Once a struggling student, trying to balance her responsibilities as a student along with those of being a mother of 3 (daughter, Alannis and twin boys, Nicholas and Sebastian who have special needs), she was given an opportunity to not only improve her life as a student, but enrich the lives of her children as well. Here is her story:

“Raising nine year old twin boys with severe autism is both a joy and an added challenge when it comes to going back to school. Fortunately, I received a blessing by finding people willing to help me in this difficult journey.

Thanks to my Student Services Director, Eddy Tamayo, I was introduced to Buddy Baseball, a non-competitive, recreational league for boys and girls who have special needs. I then was referred to the league’s Commissioner, Mr. Russ Oberbroeckling, who sent me all of the information I needed to get my boys registered to play baseball for the first time in their lives.

I was initially concerned because of the potential behavioral issues from my boys and their lack of verbal communication but, to my surprise, they started enjoying the experience and I have even seen some positive steps forward in their ailment. In signing up for this program, my boys received their buddies, two amazing young girls, Abby and Alyssa, and also a team of very helpful volunteers and coaches with real dedication. With the peace of mind they help bring me, it has helped me greatly in school.

I strongly recommend Buddy Baseball to any parent or relative of a special needs child. I am very thankful to Eddy Tamayo and Mr. Russ Oberbroeckling for this opportunity. I’ve already registered the boys for the spring season, and this time, we want to give back to Buddy Baseball. I will be volunteering my time and my daughter decided to become a buddy. In Buddy Baseball everyone is a winner!”

-Waleska Triana




What a beautiful blessing, Waleska. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

If you would like to find out more about Buddy Baseball, visit their website:

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Your fellow KU student,