Julio Rodriguez Explaining the YMCA Bench Press Test

In this video, you can see student, Julio Rodriguez, delivering an eloquent explanation of the testing procedure for the YMCA Bench Press Test. As part of their practical Midterm Examination, the students are required to become experts of testing protocols within the field of muscular and cardiorespiratory fitness. The YMCA Bench Press Test is a commonly used method of measuring the muscular endurance of the client’s upper body.


Ashley Thurston Performing the YMCA Bench Press Test

Here we see the student, Ashley Thurston, being taken through the YMCA Bench Press Test. Amberly Clay is serving as the spotter, for safety purposes, while Julio Rodriguez stands to the side collecting data and ensuring the testing protocols are followed. Julio sets a metronome to 60 beats per minute to give the client a fixed speed at which repetitions should be performed and Amberly Clay proceeds to hand the bar off to the client. Once the client reaches muscular failure, she signals to Amberly and the bar is safely returned to the rack. The repetitions completed are recorded and compared to normative data based off the age and gender of the client.