Keiser University College of Golf students have the unique opportunity to learn more about product sampling and evaluation as they test FootJoy golf shoes and provide feedback to researchers within the international conglomerate.

College of Golf Executive Director of Golf Operations Dr. Eric Wilson and Golf Program Director Brian Hughes, both PGA Master Professionals, established a relationship with FootJoy, so that students could participate first hand in evaluating various models of golf shoes. The most recent test involved 24 pairs of FootJoy DNA shoes, one of the most popular models in the golf industry. Students were asked to wear the shoes for 25-50 rounds of golf and to then record their impressions on features such as comfort, wearability, water-proofing, and performance.

At the end of the test, the shoes will be returned to FootJoy along with accompanying paperwork completed by the participants. The program has generated great interest among students, and serves as a valuable lesson.

Nov. 2016 (2)