College of Golf & Sport Management students spent the morning at the PGA Center for Golf Learning and Performance learning the application of the Rules of Golf from Mr. Ken Martin, PGA Professional Certified in Instruction and General Management and Dr. Eric Wilson, PGA Legacy Master Professional. Mr. Martin’s Rules of Golf class had the opportunity to put theory to practice when they served as Referees and Committee Members determining the applicable rule, procedure, and penalty in various situations set up by the instructors. Having learned the theoretical concepts of Rules 1-28 in the classroom in the first half of the semester, the time spent in actual Rules scenarios cemented the knowledge for the students. As seen in the accompanying photo, Mr. Martin is asking the Referees and Committee Members how to proceed when his ball is lying in a water hazard, covered under Rule 26. Additionally, Mr. Martin and Dr. Wilson covered Rules scenarios dealing with Ball at Rest Moved, Ball in Motion Deflected/Stopped, Loose Impediments, Obstructions, Out of Bounds, Lost Ball, Unplayable Lie, and Abnormal Ground Conditions. Field trips and real-world application of classroom theories are the cornerstones of COGSM educational philosophy.