As part of the Advanced Instruction class taught by PGA Instructor Mr. John Callahan,  College of Golf & Sport Management students provided individual golf lessons to more than 20 members of the Savanna Golf Club Golf Association over a four-week period in November. Keiser students gained real-world practical experience by working with members of the Savanna Club on the basic golf fundamentals of posture, grip, and aim at the Driving Range in Port St. Lucie. Feedback from the Savanna Club members was universally positive, and Keiser University students were equally enthusiastic with the opportunity to put their knowledge to use and help golfers improve their games. Mr. Callahan, a Golf Magazine Top 100 Adjunct Teacher, shared many experiences and teaching insights with his students in the classroom and was able to coach and assist the students during their hands-on sessions each week. The program has been so successful that more than 35 Savanna Golf Club members have expressed an interest in continuing their lessons in January. This ongoing program is one example of many opportunities Keiser University students have to give back to the community as part of the Associate of Science in Golf Management and Bachelor of Science in Sport Management programs.

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