Twenty,  first semester students at the College of Golf & Sport Management participated in a scramble golf tournament using hickory shafted golf clubs during their History of Golf class this week. The students dressed in period clothing and used mid-irons, mashies, niblicks, and putters with hickory shafts to play The Savanna Club Golf Course, an executive course with a par of 61. In the scramble format over 18 holes, 3-under par 58 was the lowest score posted by the threesome of Kyle Howard, Jacob Murphy, and Tony Hegger. Bobby Taggert and Seth Ransbottom finished second with a score of 1-under par 60. The opportunity to use replica golf clubs from the 1920’s gave the students an appreciation for the skills and abilities of golf’s greats of the era. Champions such as Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones, Gene Sarazen, and Long Jim Barnes all shot incredible scores and won major championships using hickory shafted golf clubs. The students will also visit the PGA Museum of Golf and the Probst Library, located in the PGA Museum of Golf, in the coming weeks. The PGA Museum of Golf houses more than 6,000 hard-cover books, more than 3,000 handbooks and yearbooks, and some 600 volumes of bound periodicals, including every edition of the PGA Magazine dating back to its origin in 1920.