Mr. Longabucco’s Club Management and Tournament Management class visited Eagle Marsh Golf Club recently.  The students met with Frank Dobbs, Head Professional and Life Member of the PGA of America to discuss tournament operations and club management.  Mr. Dobbs also shared some important life lessons with students.

After the meeting the Tournament Management class ran a golf tournament.  The committee (students) planned the event and managed every aspect from beginning to end.  Flyers, sign up, handicapping, rule sheets, GHIN TPP, announcements, scoreboard and awards presentations.  The event gave students practical hands on experience.  The next day the class discussed the after action report.  The event ran very smoothly and everyone enjoyed the day.

The Winners:  Aki Sato, Gregor Rose & Jongin Park

eagle marsh field trip Oct. 2014 eagle marsh field trip Oct. 2014 2  eagle marsh field trip Oct. 2014 4 eagle marsh field trip Oct. 2014 Torunament Chair Benjamin Anderson Head Pro Frank Dobbs