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ACEND Core Competencies

Domain 1: Specific and Evidence Base Practice: integration of scientific information and research into practice

CRDN 1.1 Select indicators of program quality and/or customer service and measure achievement of objectives

CRDN 1.2 Apply evidence-based guidelines, systematic reviews and scientific literature

CRDN 1.3 Justify programs, products, services and care using appropriate evidence or data

CRDN 1.4 Evaluate emerging research for application in nutrition and dietetics practice

CRDN 1.5 Conduct projects using appropriate research methods, ethical procedures and data analysis

CRDN 1.6 Incorporate criticial-thinking skills in overall practice

Domain 2: professional Practice Expectations: beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviors for the professional dietitian level of practice

CRDN 2.1 Practice in compliance with current federal regulations and state statutes and rules, as applicable and in accordance with accreditation standards and the Scope of Nutrition and Code of Ethics for the Profession of Nutrition and Dietetics

CRDN 2.2 Demonstrate professional writing skills in preparing professional communications

CRDN 2.3 Demonstrate active participation, teamwork and contributions in group settings

CRDN 2.4 Function as a member of interprofessional teams

CRDN 2.5 Assign patient care activities to NDTRs and/or support personnel as appropriate

CRDN 2.6 Refer clients and patients to other professionals and services when needs are beyond individual scope of practice

CRDN 2.7 Apply leadership skills to achieve desired outcomes

CRDN 2.8 Demonstrate negotiation skills

CRDN 2.9 Demonstrate professional and community organizations

CRDN 2.10 Demonstrate professional attributes in all areas of practice

CRDN 2.11 Show cultural competency/sensitivity in interactions with clients, colleagues and staff

CRDN 2.12 Perform self-assessment and develop goals for self-improvement throughout the program

CRDN 2.13 Prepare a plan for professional development according to Commission on Dietetic Registration guidelines

CRDN 2.14 Demonstrate advocacy on local, state or national legislative and regulatory issues or polices impacting the nutrition and dietetics profession

CRDN 2.15 Practice and/or role play mentoring and precepting others

Domain 3: Clinical and Customer Service: development and delivery of information, products and services to individuals, groups and populations

CRDN 3.1 Perform the Nutrition Care Process and use standard nutrition language for individuals, groups and populations differing ages and health status, in a variety of settings

CRDN 3.2 Conduct nutrition focused physical exams

CRDN 3.3 Demonstrate effective communications skills for clinical and customer services in a variety of formats and settings

CRDN 3.4 Design, implement and evaluate presentations to a target audience

CRDN 3.5 Develop nutrition education materials that are culturally and age appropriate and designed for the literacy level of the audience

CRDN 3.6 Use effective education and counseling skills to facilitate behavior change

CRDN 3.7 Develop and deliver products, programs or services that promote consumer health, wellness and lifestyle management

CRDN 3.8 Deliver respectful, science-based answers to client qu4estions concerning emerging trends

CRDN 3.9 Coordinate procurement, production, distribution and service of goods and services, demonstrating and promoting responsible use of resources

CRDN 3.10 Develop and evaluate recipes, formulas and menus for acceptability and affordability that accommodate the cultural diversity and health needs of various populations, groups and individuals

Domain 4: Practice Management and Use of Resources: strategic application of principles of management and systems in the provisions of services to individuals and organizations

CRDN 4.1 Participate in management of human resources

CRDN 4.2 Perform management functions related to safety, security and sanitation that affect employees, customers, patients, facilities and food

CRDN 4.3 Conduct clinical and customer service quality management activities

CRDN 4.4 Apply current nutrition informatics to develop, store, retrieve and disseminate information and data

CRDN 4.5 Analyze quality, financial and productivity data for use in planning

CRDN 4.6 Propose and use procedures as appropriate to the practice setting to promote sustainability reduce waste and protect the environment.

CRDN 4.7 Conduct feasibility study for products, programs or services with consideration of costs and benefits

CRDN 4.8 Develop a plan to provide or develop a product, program or service that includes a budget, staffing needs, equipment and supplies

CRDN 4.9 Explain the process for coding and billing for nutrition and dietetics services to obtain reimbursement from public or private payers, fee-for-service and value-based payments systems

CRDN 4.10 Analyze risk in nutrition and dietetics practice

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