A Day in the Life of

a Radiologic Technology Student

keiser university radiology student

-With Eliana Peterson, KU Daytona Beach


The Radiologic Technology (RT) program is offered at 12 out the 15 KU campuses statewide so our Chancellor, Dr. Arthur Keiser, asked that I highlight one of the outstanding students we have enrolled in this program.  The RT program at KU provides students for entry level positions in the profession and the knowledge and skills needed to produce radiographic images in accordance with standardized practices and procedures. Eliana Peterson started the RT program at KU in January of 2014. She is a full time student as well as a wife and mother of four children so I was very fortunate to be able to obtain this interview with Eliana. She gave me a little insight on what it is like to be a RT student at KU.

What made you decide to enter the field of Radiologic Technology (RT)?

Growing up I was always involved in sports, so unfortunately I’ve had a few broken bones and injuries that required x-rays, MRI’s, and/or CT scans. After all of those experiences, I thought it would be great to be on the ‘other side’, to be the one taking the x-rays and taking care of the patients. I feel that my experiences will help me relate to the patients and take better care of them.

What classes have you found most interesting so far, and why?

All classes have been great learning experiences so far, but I must say that being out in the field during my first clinical rotation was amazing. To be able to put into practice everything I’d learned so far was very rewarding.  I also enjoyed being able to help and comfort the patients I got a chance to take care of.

Your program director, Gloria Wyatt, told me the RT Program’s motto at the Daytona KU campus is “How badly do you want it?”. I’m sure this is because of the intense exams and coursework involved in being a RT student. What are some of the things you do to manage your workload and guarantee yourself a passing grade?

I complete all of my assignments and I try to stay ahead with all the reading we have to do to prepare for class the next day. Every evening I dedicate a few hours to focus on homework, making flashcards, and reviewing all of the material throughout the week to help me prepare for the exams and daily quizzes.

How do you stay motivated to push through those long study days?

My family is my biggest motivation. My husband and kids are my main support and I want to make them proud. I want to show my kids that quitting is never an option. That if you work hard, you will see results and be successful in anything you put your mind and heart into.

What are you most looking forward to learning in your program?

I have a while to go before I graduate in August 2015, I’m just looking forward to every class that I have left in the program. I’m excited to learn all the different things my instructors have to teach me to help me prepare to become a successful Radiologic Technologist.

Is there any advice you would like to give other students in the RT program at KU?

Work hard, stay focused, and give it 100% all the time. Reach out to your classmates, don’t be afraid to ask for help, or offer your help.

What are your professional plans after your receive your degree?

I hope to find a job at a hospital to be able to take care of my family, do something that I love, and that I’ve worked very hard to accomplish.

Thanks so much Eliana for giving your time and sharing your passion for higher education and your program. It was truly a delight speaking with you and I wish you the best of luck in finishing your degree and all of your future endeavors.

As always students, feel free to email me with your comments, questions, concerns, and suggestions!

Your fellow KU student,