Recently, the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program at the Melbourne campus had a day of collaboration with the Occupational Therapy Assistant students. The OTA students taught the DMS students how to properly turn a patient, assist a patient into and out of a wheelchair, and how to get them safely into and out of a bed or gurney. The DMS student then reciprocated by bringing the OTA students into the ultrasound lab and teaching them about what they do. The OTA students had an opportunity to scan the DMS students, giving them a whole new appreciation of the human body and its inner workings.

Additionally, in an attempt to assist the newest cohort with Acoustical Physics, the students of cohort 29 are currently providing tutoring after class is completed. This gives the newest students an opportunity to have Physics explained to them by another student who has just gone through this very rigorous course. A new perspective can oftentimes clarify an area of previous confusion.

Dms Feb 2017 1 - Dms Students At The Melbourne Campus Strive To Help Others - Academics