Dr. Stabile visited the Pembroke Pines campus to share test taking skills with students, who were very appreciative of his visit. He shared tips on how to study and reduce anxiety over taking tests.


As a member of the academic department, Dr. Stabile is responsible for facilitating, organizing, and leading the Teaching and Learning Community (TLC). Its vision is to build a culture for faculty to provide teaching excellence; facilitate student learning and utilize evidence-based learning assessments.


The TLC fulfills its vision by offering excellent academic support and resources for faculty, administration, and students by providing learner-centered workshops, seminars, consultations and other events in support of the mission of Keiser University.


For example, the TLC may offer student-based workshops on test-taking strategies because all students should realize that there are certain ways to prepare for  a national exam, such as studying well, sleeping well, and eating well. 


Furthermore, the TLC offers on-going workshops/seminars for faculty on various topics related to learning, mindset, and assessment. In particular, they consistently hosted the monthly  KES (Keiser Educator Seminar) for 10 years, which has reached well over 1,500 participants (faculty and administration) since its existence. 


He also serves as the Disability Services Coordinator (DSC) for Keiser University and is committed to helping students with disabilities gain access to the programs, services and activities at KU.