Dr. Gary Vonk, Flagship Campus President, was featured this week on CBS12 to discuss the top 5 reasons behind big retail buy-outs and how they impact consumers. A current example he highlighted was QVC owner Liberty Interactive’s purchase of HSN.

Some of the topics he covered were –

  • On the heels of brick and mortar consolidation (Macy’s, Sears, Gander Mountain) the full retail category is getting pummeled
  • Securing their territory in the retail TV channel in the face of ecommerce challenges means planning IN ADVANCE for the next consolidation
  • Millennials and Generation X’ers shop online and do not have time to watch a half hour program on multi colored trendy blouses.  They use social media, apps and relationships to build buying habits.
  • Consumer shopping habits shifting to internet-based retail = increased internet competition = more options for the consumer therefore traditional (QVC is now traditional) methods of reaching the consumer are suffering.
  • Liberty Interactive expands development in e-commerce, mobile and online-video operations