By: Sabrina Mohammed

In today’s fast paced world more high school students are attempting to get ahead in their college decision making process by taking college courses while in high school.  Students that opt to take this path demonstrate a high level of dedication and foresight to their future academic and career plans.  There are many benefits to being able to take college courses while still in high school as it gives you an opportunity to see what the higher education environment will be like and also looks great on your future college applications!  Furthermore these programs offer you the courses at no cost and so it proves to be a smart economical decision.

The process of taking college level courses while still in high school is commonly referred to as Dual Enrollment. Dual Enrollment is a program that allows high school students to simultaneously earn college credit that will also count as high school credit.  Dual enrollment courses offer students a great opportunity to take dynamic courses and get a head start to the college education.

To get started with Dual Enrollment at a college in your hometown first check with your high school guidance counselor for a list of colleges affiliated with your high school.  Speak with them on the requirements, the time commitment and what classes are being offered. Once you decide on a college contact the admissions office and have them schedule a visit to the campus where you can begin the application process and gain eligibility information.  You must ensure that the credits you will be taking are from an accredited university so that they can be transferrable.

The Keiser University Dual Enrollment Program is for rising high school seniors to experience college while still supported by high school staff and mentors.  Students have the ability to earn college credit in career-focused courses and familiarize themselves with the post-secondary environment.

Sabrina Mohammed is the Director of Admissions for the Port St. Lucie campus of Keiser University.