Flagship campus International Management class recently welcomed Dr. Bill Kent, entrepreneur and CEO of TeamHorner. While emphasizing the importance of recognizing cultural differences between countries, and how they can affect international business management, Kent analyzed a proposal for the conglomerate to invest in a new operation in Turkey. Citing examples of Geert Hofstede’s work on cultural dimensions, he further outlined a number of issues that were of primary concern to his organization including local work force expectations, corruption within the system, the country’s overall economic growth rate and health, its target market demographics, and more.

“With over forty years of experience in the business, Dr. Kent was able to draw upon a mother lode of experiences and observations that held the attention of the class. Afterwards, there was a lively question and answer session with the students,” said George Stamas, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Management.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, TeamHorner is a vertically integrated manufacturer and distributor of swimming pool equipment and supplies which serves 105 countries across the globe.