SUBMITTED BY KAYLA BIANCHI, Student Editor for Eagle’s Landing:

The city of Lakeland recently introduced their first youth council committee to the public. This youth group consists of high school and college students in the Lakeland area. My fellow KU Social Media Communications student Jessica Kircher and I have the honor and privilege of being a member of this council.

We gather for meetings once a month at Lakeland’s City Hall, where we discuss important topics and formulate plans to continue the growth and betterment of the city of Lakeland. Our advisors are City Commissioner Justin Troller and Assistant City Manager Brad Johnson. So far we’ve learned a lot about the inner workings of our local government and just how awesome our city really is. They’ve given me a new perspective on how complex and structured everything needs to be to run as smoothly as it does.

Working with students from different schools adds great creativity and diversity to our discussions. Our group is filled with many bright young individuals and I am looking forward to collaborating with them to make a difference in our community.




As always students, if you want to share something on ELSE, or have any questions or comments, feel free to email me. I would LOVE to hear from you!

Your fellow KU student,