Keiser University Graduate School faculty member Dr. Borivoje-Boris Djokic coauthored a paper which was presented at “Synthesis, International Scientific Conference of IT and Business-Related Research” in Belgrade, Serbia on April 16-17, 2015.  The paper was titled Efficacy of recruiting methods in a hiring process, by Ivana Pećanac, Lazar Dražeta, and Borivoje-Boris Djokić.  Dr. Djokic was a visiting professor at the University of Singidunum, in Belgrade, Serbia.  One of the co-authors, Ivana Pecanac, was a student of Dr. Djokic’s.  She presented the paper.


The HR department is of exceptional importance in business because it is dedicated to improvement of human capital as one of the essential comparative advantages in contemporary organizations’ business environment. One of the most important activities of the HR department is filling the vacant positions, as a process of attracting, selecting, onboarding and a retaining work force whose quality and number directly influences organizational behavior and day to day operation. Methods used in a process of recruitment significantly differ between the organizations within and between industries, although there is no clear correlation between the way of advertising and how the actual employees are attracted to apply to advertising of an organization. In this paper researchers, by using surveys and interviews with employees, observed relationships between recruiting methods and sources of information about the vacant positions in several business areas. The goal was to investigate and establish the efficacy of recruiting methods in attracting qualified candidates in order to fill vacant positions in the organization.

Boris Djokic Serbia May 2015 (2)